We create innovative educational games and simulations to strengthen public health competencies

Game-based learning tools can be an invaluable asset to public health organizations to train professional competencies and values in an effective, fun and unique way. 

Why Use Our Learning Games?

Including an innovative learning game in your training allows you to distinguish yourself, while also providing you with a powerful motivational tool for your audience.

Our mixed-media learning games create a unique environment where trainees work and learn together engagingly and socially.

Learning games are ideal for testing and showcasing attitudes and emotions as they can simulate situations not possible with traditional tools. 

We achieve unique results by combining:

Entertainment + Education + Engagement

We feel that in order for learning games to be as effective as possible they need to apply a healthy balance of Education, Engagement and Entertainment value. Our team of public healthcare training professionals and veteran game developers ensure that the full potential of your learning game or simulation is unlocked.

A unique approach

Most of our learning games and game-based teaching tools take a mixed-media approach. These hybrid games combine the best characteristics of both physical and digital games. This ensures that your game is socially engaging while also allowing us to create engaging and realistic narratives that provide your trainees with useful feedback.

Our Clients

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