You‘re Dicking is a great game to learn separate fact from fiction about the shape, size and function of the penis. It‘s perfect for teachers in sex education and it can help break taboos and correct myths and fables. 
The card deck includes penis cards, action cards, and statement cards, and the objective is to be the first one to build two complete penises.
you‘re looking for a great way to learn and have a lot of fun doing so, this is definitely the game for you!

The game is currently only available in Dutch. An English translation is in the make.

Central to the game are the penis cards. There are four types: dick heads, shafts, left and right testicles. Each player starts building penises, by putting these cards before them on the table. 

The player who has built two complete penises, wins. But be careful! Your opponents will try to remove your cards from the table, by throwing attack cards at you.

No more cards to play? Then draw new cards from the stack, and answer the challenge statement.

Attack cards may cause you to lose parts of the penis you are building.  Some will remove a penis card from the table. Other attack cards remove an entire penis, making you have to start anew.

Some attack cards allow your opponent to steal one of your cards from the table or your hand.

Protection cards help you fence off attacks, get more playing cards in your hand, swap your hand with an opponent or even explore the stack of cards to find the ones you need.

Statement cards test your knowledge about the penis, sexually transmissible diseases and sexuality. This is your chance to show you can separate fact from myth. 

This is the educational part of the game, designed by experienced sexologists based on the misconceptions they encounter daily.

The statements are currently only available in Dutch. We are working on the English version, so stay tuned.

Game sets available:

Dutch version

Price:  €  27.95 (incl 21% VAT)




  • 93 Action cards
  • 78 Challenge Cards
  • 7 Instruction cards
  • Deluxe Game Box


Game distributed by Pandemos

Concept and statements: Leila en Anne
Game design: Jeremy Falger
Illustrations: Diederick van Peperstraten

Producer: Arnold Bosman (Transmissible)