Happy Flora is an educational card game that helps teenagers learn about their vaginal microbiota. Through an engaging and playful experience, the game encourages them to debunk myths and misconceptions about vaginal flora and to understand the importance of having a balanced vaginal environment. With 3 to 5 players, the game is suitable for those 11 and up. It is a great way for teachers to introduce the topic into their classrooms, as a workshop is available for them to use with the game.

The game was developed in French by two friends: Jeanne Tamarelle and Léa Toulemon. Jeanne is an epidemiologist with a Ph.D. on vaginal microbiota and sexually transmitted infections in women. Léa is an economist specializing in health issues and a feminist activist. 

Jeanne and Lea developed the game in collaboration with Prismatik, the Science and Society device of the Diagonale Paris Saclay and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. The illustrations were produced thanks to a collaboration with the Ecole Estienne. Special thanks to Ninon Quéméner, Charlotte Cardonnel, Marilou Gouchon, Philémon Martin, Xavier Carrobourg, Alice Rebollo, Clothilde Linant, and Moïra Gautier, for the design and production of the project, the pedagogical team of the Estienne school, Emmanuelle Tieu and Matthieu Lambert, with the participation of Tom Vaillant.

The game is licensed under Creative Commons CCBYSA and translated by Transmissible. You can order English and Dutch versions of the game by Pandemos.